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Child Abuse is Against the Law.

Child abuse is not inevitable it is preventable."
~ Anonymous

Child abuse is not rare. Each year, close to 3 million reports of suspected child abuse are filed in the U.S. Many more cases never get reported. One victim of child abuse is too many. (www.preventchildabuse.org)

What is Child Abuse?

Physical Abuse Emotional Abuse

  • punching
  • criticizing
  • hitting
  • insulting
  • burning
  • rejecting
  • beating
  • withholding love

Sexual Abuse Neglect

  • touching
  • failure to provide basic physical, emotional, or educational needs
  • fondling
  • pornography
  • leaving young child home alone
  • intercourse without consent
  • failing to provide medical care

Child abuse is against the law. You can help prevent this crime by recognizing warning signs and reporting suspected abuse or neglect. Reporting abuse can help stop the cycle of abuse and connect the abusive family with counseling and services. To report, call the Montana Child Abuse Hotline toll free at 1-866-820-KIDS (5437). It shouldn't hurt to be a child. Help produce a peaceful life for children everywhere by teaching them about safety, by talking about child abuse and by learning how to keep our communities and children safe. Contact the WRC for preventative action steps and for a safety plan.

Abuse is never a child's fault.
We have an obligation to keep our children safe. If you feel your child has been a victim of abuse or you have been a witness to any form of child abuse, please reach out and report.

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