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The Women's Resource Center (WRC) promotes violence prevention through a variety of community outreach programs and events. In the WRC's child advocacy program, "Hands are for Helping," students (K-6) pledge to use their hands for helping, not for hurting. The WRC collaborates with local healthcare facilities, law enforcement agencies and fire departments to sponsor "Safeguarding your Child," a special event that promotes safety awareness and child abuse prevention. Students in grades 7-12 learn about safety in relationships, dating and sexual violence, hate crime, body image, suicide and self-harm by participating in the WRC's Girl Talk / Boy Talk program. Local schools are contacted to host this series offered by the WRC.

The WRC supports men who want to end violence against women through the "White Ribbon Campaign" program. This program is organized by men of all ages, who wish to take an active role in ending the violence perpetrated against women. The "White Ribbon Campaign" focuses on ways men can make the world safer for their sisters, wives, daughters and friends.

The WRC publishes two quarterly newsletters. The Women's Resource Center News details upcoming events, special projects and provides general information on violence prevention. The RESPECT (Responding to Ending the Silence and Protecting Eachother Courageously Together) newsletter addresses teen issues like safe dating and teen hate crime. RESPECT is produced by youth for youth grades 9-12. The WRC distributes both complementary newsletters to community members by request.