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Issue 3 January 2001

Happy New Year 2001

The Women's Resource Center would like to thank everyone who donated and gave their support this past year. Our volunteers have made a tremendous impact in helping provide much needed services to individuals. The WRC had a very busy year assisting 154 victims, 5 of which were men, throughout the service area. This would have not been possible without the support received throughout the communities.

In October the WRC expanded to Phillips county to provide sexual assault services. The staff and board are very excited about providing new products and services to better serve individuals in the community. Again thank you, and we look forward to working with you this new year toward a violence free community.

Remembrance Quilt

According to the Montana Breast & Cervical Health Program, one woman in eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Vicki Braden-Nelson is in the process of making a remembrance quilt. The quilt will be made of squares with women's names on them who have survived or passed away. The quilt will be donated to the Women's Resource Center and displayed in various organizations in Glasgow. If you would like to purchase a square please contact the Women's Resource Center at 228-8401. Each square is $20.00, and a portion of the proceeds will go toward assisting people with a breast cancer related health problem.

**If found and treated early, over 95% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive.-The Montana Breast Cancer and Cervical Health Program.

**If you are in your forties or older, it is important to get a mammogram every 1-2 years.-The Montana Breast Cancer and Cervical Health Program.

Montana Breast & Cervical Health Program

The Montana Breast & Cervical Health Program receives funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide breast and cervical cancer screening for Montana women. The purpose of this screening is to save women's lives by detecting cancer and cancerous conditions at the earliest possible time. This program is available to Montana women who are financially and age eligible. To find out more about this program or to fill out an application stop by the Women's Resource Center or call the Montana Breast & Cervical Health Program at 1-888-803-9343.

Police Officer Recognition

In October the Women's Resource Center recognized Lt. Mike Sukut of the Glasgow Police Department for providing outstanding service to victims of domestic violence. An officer, in our service area will be selected in April for sexual assault service.

New Child Advocate

The Women's Resource Center will be getting a new child advocate. Our current child advocate Cindy Combs will be leaving to pursue a position in Maine as a VISTA leader working for the Communities for Children Program.

Linda Watkins is the WRC's new child advocate/VISTA and will be starting in February. She will be coordinating the WRC's youth related activities throughout the service area, including the Illusion Theater. This is a 1 year position through the Americorps, Corporation for National Service. The Center is pleased to have Linda on board.

Internet Stalking

The internet has given the public endless opportunities to explore, search and communicate with one another around the world or with a friend across the street. It is becoming a valuable educational tool for children and adults alike. While many of the web's capabilities are positive it also contains many ways in which a child or an adult can be stalked. The web has opened the door to individuals whose main purpose is to exploit and 'hunt' children. These individuals are classified as stalkers since they use computers and the internet to gain access to their victims, they are defined as 'cyber' stalkers.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms can be a dangerous area on the internet. These lines are easy for a stalker to find their prey. They involve 'live' one on one contact with another individual or in a room with many other 'chatters'. People on chat lines can find out roughly where you live and also the full name you used to obtain your internet account. A person enters a chatroom and begins conversing with another person. These rooms are sometimes used by people to exploit others. Rooms by teenagers are sometimes used by pedophiles to find victims. A child or teen may meet someone in a chat room that is willing to listen and offer advice and this person is posing as a teenager but in fact, this person could be an adult. They can log onto your account while you are online and gain personal information, which is a risk to children and adults.

Guidelines for Parents

The best way to assure that your children are having positive online experiences is to stay in touch with what they are doing. One way to do this is to spend time with your children while they're online. Getting online yourself will help you obtain the full benefits of these systems and alert you to any potential problem that may occur with their use. By taking responsibility for your children's online computer use, parents can greatly minimize any potential risks of being online. Here is a list of some guidelines and resources for parents.

Online Safety Tips

Teen Advocacy Program

by Jennifer Brown

Teen advocacy is a program where a teen is trained to provide services and assistance for another teen who has asked to be assisted in a crisis. The teen advocate program provides services for victims of sexual and dating violence, victims of hate crimes, and people dealing with disorders such as self- injury, bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and other potentially dangerous problems that could cause serious harm to themselves or others.

This service will provide more options for teens. An adult advocate would screen a crisis call and make the decision on whether the individual could be assisted by a teen advocate. Then the individual would be asked whether they would like to speak to a teen advocate. By doing this it leaves an option available for the teen. The teen advocate would then call and speak with the teen caller.

The teen volunteers will attend training similar to the adult advocate training. They will work in cooperation with each other and hopefully a sense of teamwork will arise. The teen advocates hours would be limited due to of conflicts in scheduling such as school or work. A schedule will be worked out between all of the teen volunteers which will make someone available at all times.

This service, when implemented will benefit everyone, advocates and victims. The main objective is to make a difference for others and work toward a violence free community.

The Women's Resource Center is currently in the process of implementing a teen advocacy program. If anyone has any questions or would like to volunteer, please call the Women's Resource Center at 228-8401.

Web Site

The Women's Resource Center has their web site up and running. The address is: www.thewrc.org. This site lists all of our services, crisis line numbers, satellite office numbers and upcoming events throughout the service area.

Girl Talk/Boy Talk

Girl Talk / Boy Talk is a presentation for youth in grades 7-12. Information is presented at each session on a different topic such as dating violence, sexual assault, self harm, respect, hate crimes, and self image. The girls and the boys are separated and grades are combined into 7/8, 9/10/ 11/12. Everyone is encouraged to ask any questions they may have. This program has been done in the Scobey and Nashua schools, and has had excellent responses from the students and the administration. The WRC already has several presentations scheduled for the next couple of months.

***In 1999 persons in households with incomes less than $7,500 annually experienced the highest rate of violence of all income categories. ( 58 per 1,000 persons)--U.S. Dept. of Justice

Combined Campaign

The Champion of Champions is scheduled for May 5, 2001 so mark your calendars. Plans are underway and events are being planned. More details will follow.

***Some advocates believe up to 80% of stalking cases occur within intimate relationships.--National Institute of Justice Research, 1996.


The WRC has several volunteer opportunities such as:

*One-on-One Advocates

*Crisis Line Advocates


*Grant Writing

*Public Speaking

The WRC values and appreciates the dedication and commitment made by volunteers. If you are interested or know of someone who is interested in volunteering please contact the WRC at 228-8401.

Upcoming Events

***Girl talk / Boy Talk presentations will be done in the schools throughout the service area.

***February is love without fear month. Look for displays and information throughout the service area.

***Volunteer training sessions will begin in January. Please contact the office if you are interested.

***Presentations and trainings are scheduled for hospitals, EMT's, and first responders in January and February.

***The Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence meeting will be on February 8th, 9th, and 10th in Helena.

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