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The Women's Resource Center's victim advocates provide crisis intervention, advocacy, outreach services and support to victims and their families. Services are available to all victims of violence however, the WRC primarily assists victims of domestic or sexual violence. A staff of highly-trained individuals provide free and confidential services.

The WRC sponsors a variety of professional seminars and workshops for community providers including teachers, healthcare personnel, law enforcement, religious leaders and social service workers. The WRC offers educational seminars to the general public on issues such as health, parenting, career development, family law, personal growth and violence prevention.


The Women's Resource Center believes in the effectiveness of survivors helping survivors. Support Groups are on-going and provide a safe and supportive setting for survivors to discuss specific concerns in a personal and meaningful way. A trained facilitator assists group attendees by offering healthy coping strategies, empowerment techniques and tools for increased self-esteem.

Support Groups offer information and education that empowers individuals to make positive changes in their lives. The goals of these groups are increased understanding, awareness and self-improvement.

Groups currently offered:

  • Domestic or Dating Violence Survivors
  • Sexual Assault Survivors ~ separate groups
    Adult Male Group
    Adult Female Group
    Youth (13-18 year old) Female Group

All Groups are free and confidential. Child care may be available. Lunch and Evening sessions offered.

Counseling Services

Individual counseling services are available on a limited basis free of charge. Contact the Women's Resource Center for more information.