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Stalking is Against the Law.

It doesn't matter whether you love them, hate them, give them
compassion or give them anger...they'll take any emotion you
have to offer. Whatever you have, they'll take it all. All they
really want is a reaction...good or bad. There's nothing you
can do to please them.
- Stalking Survivor

Stalking is an obsession. It may be motivated by intense affection or extreme dislike toward a person. A stalker's behavior begins by a series of acts which at first may seem harmless and annoying, but can disrupt the victim's life and may escalate unexpectedly to a dangerous level.

Some examples of stalking behaviors are repeatedly:

• Watching or following • Electronic stalking
• Approaching • Vandalism of property
• Threatening/ hang-up phone calls • Sending unwanted objects
• Sending hate mail • Assaulting the victim
• Sending unwanted love notes • Showing up at victim's work
• Using blackmail • Unfounded accusations

If you are a victim...

• Keep records of all incidents
• Try to avoid personal contact with the stalker
• Don't let personal information be released
• Tell people around you what is going on
• Screen mail, e-mail and phone calls
• Be alert and aware
• Secure your property–lock vehicle, house doors and lockers

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